Dell OptiPlex Dual 17in Screen PC Set 8GB RAM 320GB HDD WiFi Windows 10 64-Bit Desktop (Renewed)

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Dell OptiPlex Dual Screen PC Set 8GB RAM 320GB HDD WiFi Windows 10 64-Bit

This system pairs a massive 8GB of RAM with a 320GB Hard Drive and a speedy Core 2 Duo processor, combined they provide an alluring computing experience. Furthermore, you can easily spread your tasks over two 17″ screens for maximum multitasking ease and productivity! You deserve the utmost ultimate in every aspect of your digital life, starting with a machine best suited to your needs. 


Windows 10 Operating System – The latest version of Windows with all the new features for stability, security and longevity of your computer


Fast Intel Core 2 Duo- This processor running at 2 x 2.93GHz ensures that you have more than enough power to breeze through your tasks

8GB RAM- Plenty of memory so that you can run multiple applications at once without lag or slowdown for a smooth multitasking experience

320GB Hard Drive- Plenty of storage for your documents, photos and every other aspect of your digital life

Dual 17 Inch monitors- Having two monitors ensures that you can open multiple windows side by side and increase your productivity by having more information available to you at any moment in time. Get more out of your computer to get the best out of you

WiFi- A 150Mbps USB network adapter is supplied so that you can wirelessly connect to your wireless router for a cable free experience. Wireless printing is also supported

Fast Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 8GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive – Complete with AntiVirus
Matching Dual 17 Inch monitors (Make will vary- DELL, HP or any major brand)
Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 64Bit installed with COA
WiFi Enabled – 150MBps WiFi Wireless USB network adapter included
1 Year Warranty

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