ELECROW CrowPi Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ Advanced Kit for Learning Computer Science, Programming, Electronics includes 21 Python Video Courses

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Product description

NOTE: The product sold by Amchi LTD is the FAKE product, not produced by ELECROW. CrowPi Raspberry Pi 4B Learning and Prototyping System in a Briefcase

The CrowPi Advanced Kit tries to set itself apart from the competitors by offering a portable package that contains numerous different parts all to make it easier to begin prototyping circuits and learning how everything works.
It’s also great for kids as it is tough to lose or break the kit, especially when it is sealed.

Fairy Simple to Get Started with the Manuals

CrowPi comes with two different manuals, the first is to guide you through setting up the device and the pieces that come in the kit.
The second is a lesson guide that contains 21 lessons.
Each lesson will take you through the steps of using a specific sensor and writing code for it.
These lessons are super helpful if you’re new to the world of electronics.
The CrowPi is very easy to get up and running and didn’t require extra things to be done after installing their modified version of Raspbian.
It was as simple as installing the Raspberry Pi, inserting the SD card and then turning the device on.


A wide range of sensors sealed in a tidy package

An RFID RC522 Module for reading specific NFC chips
An 8 x 8 LED Matrix
Ultrasonic Sensor
Push buttons and a 4 x 4 push button matrix
Humidity and temperature sensor
Vibration Sensor
Light Sensor
Sound Sensor
Touch sensor
Tilt Sensor
Servo controller
Button Array
Step Motor
IR Receiver
4 Bite Segment
Independent Button
Button Array
PIR Motion Sensor

Other Components

Raspberry Pi 4B(RAM 2GB)
ABS Plastic Case
7-inch HDMI Touch Screen
Small LCD Display
Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse .etc

🍓1. Educational Kit: Specially designed for those passionate about STEM education, CrowPi Raspberry Pi 4B Education kit can help you learn all the knowledge of how to get started using Raspberry Pi by doing hands-on projects(Could also works with Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, 2B, etc. Some of them come with a fan as a gift.).

🍓2. Educational kit with Camera: specially designed for those passionate about stem education, crowpi education kit can help you learn all the knowledge of how to get started using Raspberry Pi by doing hands-on projects. The included camera can be used to make more possible projects like timelaspe photography or security camera with the program motion.

🍓3. All-in-one kit: with the inbuilt sensors, buttons and output devices all pre-wired in one package, you can start doing RPI projects instantly and easily with crowpi, which has many advantages compared to the traditional ways of DIY electronics. Thanks to the neat case and compact layout, crowpi is convenient and portable to carry with.

🍓4. Plenty of sensors in one package: The crowpi stem education device is jam-packed with lots of buttons, LED feedback devices such as LED Matrix, a seven segment Display and 19 different sensors in a tidy, easy to use Package. You don’t have to wait and wire things. Say goodbye to the messy breadboards and Sensors!

🍓5. Video lessons on YouTube: this learning kit ships with step by step instructions and provides 21 computer video lessons to take you through identifying components, reading code, and running it in the terminal. Please contact us at [email protected] for 21 lessons.

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