mytysun LCD Writing Tablet, 10inch Partial Erase Electronic Graphic Tablet Digital eWriter Handwriting Doodle Pad Portable Writing Board Gift for Kids Adult Home School Office Blue

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Product description

★Say Goodbye To Traditional Drawing Board, mytysun LCD Writing Tablet eliminates the need for paper, scratch pads, and sticky notes – simply write and erase. ★

Flexible LCD Screen– Has no electromagnetic radiation making completely safe for children and adult eyes.
Double Touch Deletion – All images, words and paintings on this LCD writing tablet can be erased with the double-touch of button.
Partial Erase – Modify the mistakes in the writing or drawing in time, without deleting the contents by press Partial Erase Button.
Lock Function – Lock the erase button to prevent accidental deletion. No need to worry about losing everything just after you wrote.
Save Paper – This LCD writing tablets can be erased over million times, you don’t have to spend money again and again for buying papers as well as protect environment, avoid garbage.

✔Material: Duarable ABS + Liquid LCD
✔Screen: 10 inch
✔Size: 9.45*6.30*0.16 inch
✔Weight: 0.28 lbs(140g)
✔Battery: CR2025(Replaceable)

Package Contents
1 x10″ Partial Erase LCD Writing Tablet
1 x 4.4″ LCD Writing Board(Gift for free)
1 x Writing Stylus
1 x User Manual


Warm Tips
✿When you use delete and partial erase function, the writing tablet will have a slight screen flash, which is a normal performance of liquid crystal reset,it will do no harm to uer’s eyes.
✿If the screen can’t be deleted very well after long using,please replace a new CR2025 battery.
✿Please use the stylus which included in the product to write, do not use other kinds of pens or other sharp objects.
✿Please put the LCD writing tablet far away from water and fire.
✿Do not try to disassemble the LCD screen.If necessary,please contact us for help.【Eye Protection and Brighter LCD Screen】mytysun Electronic Graphics Tablet is equipped with the newst generation of flexible LCD screen, which uses the latest pressure-sensitive technology ensures smooth writing, high precision and brighter lines ;no radiation, no glare, protect your eyes. Writing and Drawing on the tablet is just like on the paper, free to draw a thick and different smooth lines!
【Partial Erase Function】The LCD writing board can be partially erased and the stylus comes with an eraser. Just press erase button, you can modify the mistakes in the writing or drawing in time, without deleting the contents. The Electronic Drawing Board has 3 modes of erasing strength, you can adjust it by click the erase button.
【Double-click Deletion and Lock Function】Twice press the Delete button then the entire writing or drawing will disappear within one second! Lock the erase button to prevent accidental deletion. Children no longer have to worry about drawing pictures and important notes unintentionally deleted.
【Eco-Friendly and Save Paper】The mytysun Digital eWriter can repeatedly write and erase one hundred thousands of times, means it can save 100000 pcs of papers and 3 trees.Do not worry about the traditional and color pens would soil child’s clothes, Your kids can freely release their natural instincts, enjoy painting, count numbers, spell words, scribble at any time and place without no longer making a mess on the ground or walls.
【Wide Applications】The portable writing board is great for kids to practice spellings, drawing and doodles; Also can be used for making notes, shopping list, quick sketches, family messages, writing a memo,office use, even for communication with who lost the ability to speak or listening.It is a perfect gift for children, students, but also for designers, businessmen, teachers, etc.

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