Samsung DM32E (32 inch) 60Hz D-LED BLU Smart Signage 5000:1 400cd/m2 1920×1080 8ms HDMI

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Product description

The display of the DME series offer industry-leading performance, proven Samsung technology and a wide range of different sizes for customizable and reliable business applications to meet the various needs. These attributes make the DME series for clever choice for any business or retail companies. The displays provide robust and advanced 24/7 usage, make sure that your advertising messages are reliably distributed, when and where they show the most effect. And with nit high brightness of 450 and the crystal-clear picture quality pull your promotions and information security with the viewer. The unique Picture Quality Enhancer function for image quality improvement of Samsung optimizes colours, details, contrast and colour temperature for your environment with rich colours and detailed texture. The visibility is maximized by all factors are eliminated, which could interrupt the visibility through light reflections. Reflection and turbidity can be reduced to a mere 2%. In addition, the connectivity options have been extended by two HDMI connections for easy playback of content. The Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) 3rd Generation contains a media player on a powerful quad-core system in the display chip (SoC) integrated. Integrated in the SSSP 3rd generation hardware and software solution streamlines the digital advertising configuration and administration by eliminating the need for an additional PC. Additionally, the internal memory expansion from 4GB to 8GB of robust performance. The advanced SSSP 3rd generation allows you to create, takeover and managing content easier than ever with an improved user interface and UX. Since the SSSP 3rd Generation is an open platform that ensures compatibility with many third-party software, it is flexible and easily used with other applications.

Main Features

  • Achieve your business goals with a lively and reliable digital advertising for 24/7 operation

Achieve your business goals with a lively and reliable digital advertising for 24/7 operation
Manage practical and straightforward an extensive range of content with a sophisticated platform
Effortlessly manage digital advertising, thanks to the simplified Start Menu user interface
Transform Your Business Messaging with a brilliant and simple content creator with free fonts available, practical stickers, dynamic effects and a weather widget


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