AAAA Batteries – Pack of 8 – Alkaline battery (LR8 / LR61 / MN2500) by GP Batteries – Ideal for Microsoft Stylus Pen/Venue Pro Wacom Stylus, Luminous collars, Torches, Headlights, Toys etc.

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Product description

AAAA Batteries – Pack of 8 – Shelf life up to 7 years – by GP Batteries
Also known as: AAAA – Mini – Piccolo – LR8 – LR61 – LR8D425 – R8D425 – E96 – MX2500 – MN2500 – 25A
Universal: Suitable for everyday use in a variety of devices – ideal e.g. Microsoft Surface Stylus Pen – Dell Venue Pro Stylus – Luminous dog collars – Tablet Pen – Smartphone Pen – Wacom Stylus – Lenovo Stylus – Torches – Thermostats – Garage sensor – LED lights – Toys – Walkie Talkie’s – Motion sensors – Thermometer etc.
Technology: Greater efficiency and longer battery life than other battery brands. New technological innovations mean that this battery size continues to be in demand for both new and old devices. Meets all safety and environmental regulation.
Ideal for everyday use. Products of GP Batteries

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