Dell AX510 Soundbar Speaker for Earlier PRE 2014 Ultrasharp and Professional Monitors ONLY (2014+ require the AC511) (See description for compatibility list) with DC Pass Through Connector

Price: £24.99


Product description

SE198WFP, SP2009W, SP2208WFP,
1708FP, 1708FP-BLK, 1707FPV, 1908FP, 908FP-BLK, 1907FPV, 1909W, 2007FP,
1908WFP, 2007WFP, 2009W, 2208WFP, 2209WA, 2407WFP, 2408WFP, 2707WFP,
2709W, 3007WFP, 3008WFP, P2210, P170S, P190S, P2010H, P2210H, P2310H,
P2211H, P2311H, U2410, 2209WA
The AX510 soundbar is for Dell P and U series displays before February 2014. These sound bars attach to tabs the
back of the LCD. These tab are located on the back of the dispaly along
the bottom. The speakers are powered through a AC power jack on the
135Hz to 20KHz System frequency response
Rotary volume with on/off control
White LED for power indication

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