DELL Latitude 332926 – Games Set (2 Pieces)

Price: £20.25 - £19.81


Product description

Double sided, the Telige games set of Latitude enfant, just like all two great toys, to keep any small baby happy.
The set comes with a nice colourful, the Woolly Soft Balls, the soft rattles, when your small favourite play it.
The second part there are two building blocks fabric, a dice and a pyramid, to protect the baby can Aufeinanderstabeln, e.g. for a house.
The two blocks can deliver even host of features to make the game adds interest: a mirror on the Pyramid to quiet rattles, integrated into the cube is a removable round fabric building block to baby Pure over and over again Rausschieben kann…
The two toys are made from very different fabrics of smooth to the Woolly, now that’s Vielfältige feeling Eindrücke. The play set comes in a handy zippered bag, so it can take with anywhere and nothing gets lost.

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