DoogleBooks® 12-Inch Colourful LCD Writing Board – Portable LCD Tablet – Electronic Writing Drawing Board – E-Writer for Kids with 2 Batteries, 2 Styluses, Sleeve & More “UK Safety Approved” (Blue)

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Product description

DoogleBooks 12″ Colourful LCD Doodle Board

Colourful Screen

Our new portable LCD writing tablet is the perfect way for kids and even adults to draw colorful sketches and take down notes for school and work while being completely paperless thanks to its large 12″ display that has preset colours built into the back of the screen. So that when you and your kids draw and write on them, the creations will come out looking incredibly colourful. With the rainbow of colors we’ve selected for our tablet, all your creations looking fantastic. We’ve made our writing tablet’s display to be incredibly detailed, letting you make bolder, more colourful lines depending on how firm you press the styluses to the screen.*


2 Styluses and Magnet

We’ve also included 2 handy styluses to use with our LCD writing board. Both are incredibly durable and are coloured a stylish black. Our colour E-writer’s stylus comes with a 30cm long string so your kids can always keep it securely tied to the tablet or use it to hang it up. Plus, we’ve installed 2 magnets on the back of our LCD tablets so you can secure it onto your fridge or any other metal surface so it’s easy to find. Our board is also EN71 certified safe for children above 3.

Protect and Erase Your Work

This electronic writing drawing board has multiple features such as its lock screen function and erase function. By moving the lock screen switch on the back of the E-writer to the on position, you’ll be able to lock the screen and prevent any changes to it, so you can keep your work until you’re ready to erase or edit it. With the erase screen button, make sure the lock switch is off and just press the center button to quickly and easily clear the screen, giving you a fresh canvas to draw or write on.

Click the “Add to Cart” button to start drawing beautifully sketches the smart and fun way with our portable 12″ Colourful LCD doodle board today!COLOURFUL & FUN PAPERLESS DRAWING SOLUTION – If your tired of having your kids waste mountains of paper when drawing, then our LCD writing board is the eco-friendly solution that lets them create dazzlingly colorful doodles without wasting paper.
HUGE 12″ COLOURED DISPLAY – Our Colourful LCD doodle board features a massive 12″ display that has a rainbow of colors built into the screen itself. It also delivers lines that get bolder depending on how firm your press the styluses to the screen.
EXCITING FUNCTIONS – Our E-writer includes a lock switch and full erase button. With the lock switch, you can ensure you don’t accidentally erase the content on the screen. Then when it’s off, press the erase button to quickly clear the screen.
LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY – This electronic writing drawing board is small and lightweight enough to easily carry by hand or pack in a bag or suitcase. It also comes with a protective carrying case with closing flap that keeps the tablet secure.
STYLUSES & BATTERIES INCLUDED- To ensure that your doodle board lasts for months, we’ve included 2 batteries and 2 comfortable styluses. We include a sturdy 30cm string to tie the stylus to the board, keeping it secure so it doesn’t get lost.

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