Duronic DM45 100cm Pole | Compatible with All Duronic Monitor Desk Mount Arms | Black | Steel | Extra Extra Long | 1000mm Length | 32mm Diameter | V-Shaped Clamp Included

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Product description

The Duronic range of monitor stands are ergonomically designed to make you get the most out of your monitor set up. We have a huge range of monitor arms as we know different users in different places will require different set up. We have monitor mounts for users in the home, in small offices, large offices, hospitals, studios, banks as well as gamers who like our 3 monitor arm gaming set ups.

Our models (Last number on each model is how many screens):

DM251, DM252, DM253, and DM254: Our basic model which just does the job so well without compromising on quality or performance

DM351, DM352, DM353, and DM354: Our bestselling model throughout the years, set up in homes and offices around the world. The die-cast aluminium arms make this unit super light when compared to our steel arms. This model also has the ability to reconfigure with more arms if required.


DM451, DM452, DM453, and DM454: This unit is our premium manual range with aluminium arms and hidden cable management. This is for users who want the manual performance but want the setup to look great as well.

DM551, DM552, DM553, and DM554: This unit has spring powered arms, allowing the user to quickly reposition the arm to different position by just moving the screen to where they like it and the arms will hold it there.

DM651, DM652, and DM653: This is our very premium model that has gas powered arm which has a more fluid motion to spring arms as no counterbalance is required. We have this model finished off in beautiful chrome finish.

DM751, DM752, DM753, DM754, and DM756: This is our desk top model, for users who want the monitor to be mounted on top of the desk and provide you with adjustable height.

Within our series we have wall mounted monitor arms as well as desk mounted stands.

LONGER LENGTH POLE: The DM45 100cm XXL pole gives additional height to your screen/s. It is much longer than size of our standard-sized poles and can accommodate multiple screens. Depending on the screen size of your monitor, if you use articulating arms you will be able to position them closer to you, move them together or away from each other and adjust the height of them on the pole.
STRONG CLAMP: Included with this longer pole is a V-shaped clamp which provides stability for a heavier load. This clamp can fit tables with a depth of between 5mm and 68mm. If there is no space at the back of the desk for the clamp to fit, you can purchase a Duronic grommet to enable you to mount it on the top of the desk via a hole, or use the cable management hole that is available on most office desks.
PART OF OUR ERGONOMIC RANGE: This pole is part of our office equipment range which offers workstation solutions for everyday life at the office or at home. Our popular desk mount range allows the user to achieve optimal viewing angles of their screen, as well as allowing the adjustability to fully customise their desk set up.
SOLID CONSTRUCTION: This pole is made of cold-rolled steel and finished with a black electrostatic powder coating for ultimate durability.
SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 100cm (1000mm). Diameter: 3.2cm (32mm). Material: Steel. Clamp fits desks up to 68mm deep. Compatible with: DM251, DM252, DM253, and DM254. DM451, DM452, DM453, and DM454. DM551, DM552, DM553, and DM554. DM651, DM652, and DM653. DM751, DM752, DM753, DM754, and DM756.

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