Duronic DM552 Spring Double Twin LCD LED Sprung Desk Mount Arm Monitor Stand Bracket with Tilt and Swivel (Tilt -90°/+85°Swivel 180°|Rotate 360°) + 10 Year Warranty

Price: £169.99 - £59.99


Product description

The Duronic range of Monitor Arms is ergonomically designed to make you get the most out of your flat panel monitor. Our arms come in a few ranges so you get to choose the model that best meets your requirements

The name of our model (in Brackets you will see the no: of monitors this range can hold):

Easy DM35 (1,2,3,4)

Solid DM45 (1,2,3,4)

Spring DM55 (1,2,3,4)

Gas DM65 (1,2,3)

Desk DM75 (2,3)

Our range includes models for desks and walls

The range is sold on Amazon sites around the world so if you don’t find it in your home country’s site you can purchase it from other worldwide Amazon sites. We provide worldwide delivery.

Our models are built to do what it’s made for, provide effortless adjustment with articulating features to allow you to tilt and swivel your monitor to your desired position. Free up your desk by mounting the monitor on the desk, you will be amazed in the amount of space that is made by not having a monitor on the desk.

Health Benefits : Office jobs can sometime have unhealthy effects on our bodies. Our monitor arms solve this, as you can make sure that your screen is at eye level (the recommended height) and that your neck and back are not strained.

Our monitor arms are built to fit a wide range of monitor sizes and weights, please see the graph before making a purchase. Duronic monitor arms are solid and are designed to last.

The Duronic DM552 is a Spring desktop mount for 2 monitor or a TV.
The DM552 has fully adjustable Spring double arms with extentions which gives great flexibility in positioning your monitor. Please see movement image for full clarification
This stand is suitable for types of TV’s and monitors of size 15″ to 27″ (Please see size data image to establish if this stand will fit your Monitor. Please measure the width of your monitor against width our data) which have VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes (the horizontal and vertical distances of the holes at the back of the TV must be 10 or 7.5cm)
This stand will allow you to move the arms up or down and swivel right and left 360°, you can also turn the montior around. Changing positions are very easy to do and do not required any further tools
Extra strong clamp installed on the unit to provide excellent and secure stability. The stand will allow you to put on a monitor of weigh between 2.8kg-7.8kg. Standard monitor accessories included.

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