Duronic Dual Monitor Arm Stand DM152 | Twin PC Desk Mount | BLACK | Steel | Height Adjustable | For Two 13-27 LED LCD Screens | VESA 75/100 | 8kg Capacity | Tilt -90°/+35°,Swivel 180°,Rotate 360°

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At Duronic we have an extensive range of monitor stands which have been ergonomically designed with the user’s comfort, health and well-being in mind. Of course, there is the practical side too which is also important; having a monitor stand elevates the screen off of the desk surface which frees up valuable space too. An additional benefit is that having your screen mounted on a flexible mount means that you can share the view with someone else, or even a whole group of people!

Our range of monitor stands is wide, with a design to meet everyone. If you can’t see what you need, don’t worry – we have a range of accessories and add-on’s which can be used along with all of our stands so you can design your own custom stand.

If you need any advice on which screen mount is best for you, please contact our Customer Care Team and we’ll do our best to help.



The DM152 is a steel desk mount. It holds one screen and is part of our classic range. This model has two flexible extendable arms which both bend/swivel 180° in two places.

Swivel: 180°, Tilt: -90°/+35°, Rotate: 360°.

Screen capacity: maximum 8kg weight per screen / 13″-27″ screen size. Maximum two screens.

As standard, all of our desk mounts are fitted with VESA 75/100 screen brackets and come with either a clamp fitting or a grommet. The DM152 comes with a clamp – the corresponding grommet DM-GR-01 can be purchased separately if required.

If you are looking for a monitor mount that can hold just one screen, please see the rest of the DM15 range: DM151X1, DM151X2, DM151X3.

DOUBLE MONITOR STAND: The DM152 is a twin desk mount that holds two computer screens. Made of strong steel and finished with a matt black effect, this dual monitor stand allows you to adjust both the screens’ height, tilt, swivel as well as allowing you to rotate the screens from landscape to portrait. A great space saver, this desktop stand will elevate both screens off of the desk surface, which will free up space that you can utilise for other equipment and accessories.
HEALTH BENEFITS AND INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Most stand-alone monitors are low-levelled and as such they can cause a problem for most people as they sit below the user’s natural line of sight. When a screen is not positioned properly it can have a negative effect on the user’s posture, wellbeing and productivity. This ergonomic Duronic desk mount allows the user to adjust the stand based on their own height and seating position, enabling them to work comfortably.
ADJUSTABLE MONITOR ARM: This double monitor stand is adjustable, both in height and in the position or angle of the joint extendable arms. The joint arms can be moved up or down the pole, swivel from left to right, and can rotate around the pole 360°. This model has an extendable arm that has two joints that can each swivel 180°. The VESA head bracket can swivel left/right and can rotate 360° allowing you to view the monitor vertically.
VESA COMPATIBILITY: This two-screen desk mount is suitable for most PC monitors on the market (i.e. Samsung, LG, Dell, to name a few) who adhere to VESA compatibility. This computer screen mount will support 2 screens 13″-27″ in size and with a maximum weight of 8kg each. The VESA brackets will hold monitors with VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes; this means that the holes should be either 100mm or 75mm apart from each other when measured. The VESA heads tilt -90°/+35° and can turn 360°.
FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: Arm length: 38cm each. Pole height: 40cm. Weight capacity: 2x8kg. Colour: black. Material: cold-rolled steel. Fixings are included along with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. It can be fixed to the desk with minimal assembly using the desk clamp included, or it can be installed using a grommet (sold separately: DM-GR-01). We sell a range of accessories for this pole to allow you to customise your set-up including spare arms and VESA brackets.

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