Duronic Monitor Stand Riser DM051 | Laptop and Screen Stand for Desktop | Black Tempered Glass | Support for a TV or PC Computer Monitor | Ergonomic Office Desk Shelf | 40kg Capacity | 63cm x 25cm

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Product description

The Duronic Glass Monitor Riser

Perfect for raising the height of your monitor, laptop, or small TV’s to a more suitable viewing height.

A Duronic monitor riser will allow you to raise your monitor to the perfect height required for monitor viewing. Not all monitors come with a stand that lifts the monitor to the perfect eye level required to avoid neck and back pains. The top third of your monitor should be at your eye level, most monitor does not allow you to achieve this hence our stands will allow you to raise your monitor between 10cm-13cm, which will enable you to achieve that perfect level.



DM051: Premium Glass Monitor Riser

DM052: Standard Glass Monitor Riser

  • DM052-1: Clear Small
  • DM052-2: Black Small
  • DM052-3: Clear: Large
  • DM052-4: Black: Large

DM053: Clear Premium Acrylic Monitor Riser

DM054: Black Premium Acrylic Monitor Riser


Easy to install: We have made our unit easy to install, all you need to do is screw on the legs onto the glass platform, the Acrylic models come ready to use straight out of the box. Set your monitor/laptop or TV on the unit.

Easy to clean: As the platform is made of glass/acrylic it will allow you to wipe it clean easily to maintain its sleek look.

2 Year ltd warranty

ADJUSTABLE TO THE HEIGHT YOU NEED: Rise your laptop, monitor or television screen by 11cm-12.5cm. Our monitor risers have been fitted in thousands of offices worldwide and are helping customers to optimise their desk space and improve their posture.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Poor posture – and consequently aches and pains – are often the result of how you are seated at your desk and in most cases making adjustments to improve your workspace to be ergonomically better isn’t too difficult. With our desk risers it couldn’t be easier to make a huge improvement just by making this one simple addition to your desktop.
COMPATIBLE WITH PC MONITORS, TV’S AND LAPTOPS: All of our monitor stands are compatible with most monitor screens and small televisions. They can also be used to support a laptop, If you’re a gamer you may have an alternative use in mind. If you own a console (or more than one) you’ll know it’s a challenge to keep it all tidy. Thanks to Duronic you may have finally found a solution!
EASY TO INSTALL: Our whole range of monitor risers are exceptionally easy to install as they require minimal assembly. No tools required, no heavy lifting to be done. By placing your monitor on top it is naturally elevated to an optimal position for the user, whilst also cleverly creates space underneath the stand to put your keyboard/mouse/stationery away from sight.
MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: This monitor stand has is made from high quality tempered glass and is 8mm thick. It will support anything up to 40kg in weight. The platform has large tubular feet to make the unit extra sturdy and also creates more desktop space underneath it. The glass platform is 63cm x 25cm.

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