E-Fennec set of 3 Webcam Cover Slide | Ultra Thin Protection for your Laptop, Ipad, Macbook, Thinkpad, tablet and more | Protect your privacy online

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Product description

Keep Safe Online With Our Webcam Cover

The E-Fennec Webcam cover protects your privacy by blocking any hackers or unwanted visitors from having access to your camera. It’s easy to use and effortless to set up: simply align the product up with your web camera lens, press it into places and slide the cover to open or close camera access.

Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure Online

it is extremely important that you have an extra layer of security when using computers or electronic devices that are connected to the internet. Recent reports that you could be being watched through your webcam or camera lens by a stranger by any time; hackers can be recording you from the privacy of your home without you realising. As most antivirus software and firewalls fail to protect from these attacks, the only way to prevent this from happening is to cover your webcam. Even billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has been to use tape to cover his webcam! However, tape is unsightly, unreliable and unsafe: hackers can often see through the tape and stays on for long. At E-Fennec we found the perfect solution.


The E-Fennec Webcam Cover:

We have built anti-spy tool to give your webcam full protections from hackers. It blends in with your electronic device by virtue of its ultra-thin, sleek design. Simply place our cover in line with your camera and rest safely in the knowledge that you are 100% protected. With one swipe of a finger, you can now cover/uncover your webcam!

Compatible Devices:

The E-Fennec Webcam Cover is compatible with a number of devices. This includes but is not limited:

Apple Macbooks

Dell/HP/Lenovo/Samsung Laptops

IPads<>Amazon Fire

Most other electronics devices with a camera lens.PEACE OF MIND – The E-Fennec Webcam Cover ensures you keep safe online, protecting you from hackers who are attempting to gain access to your webcam. Once you apply the cover slide, you can fully protect your privacy.
ULTRA THIN, LIGHTWEIGHT AND NON-ABRASIVE – These webcam covers have been designed to be incredibly thin. This means it will not affect you operate your device – it will lay completely flat when your laptop is closed. It is also made from high quality, non abrasive plastic so there is no risk of your equipment being scratched or damaged.
EASY TO APPLY AND EFFORTLESS TO USE – You can place the cover on your device in a matter of seconds due to its simple design, just peel of the backing and place it in the webcam. You can now shield your privacy by simply sliding your finger across it
BUILT TO LAST – This indigenous is made to be both ultra thin and durable. The webcam cover is backed by incredibly strong adhesive, allowing it to stay attached as long as is desired. The sliding mechanism is strong enough for everyday use and is built to last for years.
100% CUSTOMERS GUARANTEE – We are 100% confident in our products but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we will be happy to reimburse you.

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