Enjoy Life Eat Cake Custom Dimmable LED Neon Signs for Wall Decor (Customizable Options: Color, Size, Wall Mounted, Desktop Type, Hanging in a Window/Ceiling,Electrical/Battery Powered)

Price: £114.99


Product description

● Beautiful, Cute and Bright, you can adjust your neon to any brightness you want. Create a beautiful ambiance throughout the room. It’s perfect to brighten up any room!

● Quiet and no noise, can be placed anywhere, and instantly becomes a unique art piece and the wow factor to your space, The transparent wires are practically invisible, Nice and clean.

● Absolutely safe. Made from soft silicone tubes and are very safe to be around children.

● YOU chose your colors to match the mood YOU feel. You can choose a custom color and size from our 10 available options before you add it to your cart.


● You can visit our amazon store and find the custom listing, Completely customizable, From a custom color palette to a custom size, text, name, letters, words, phrase and patterns, let your imagination run wild.

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