HotTopStar Replacement 65W 20V 3.25A AC Adapter Charger for Lenovo Yoga 900 Yoga 700 Yoga 4 Pro Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Yoga 3 14 Yoga 3-1470 Laptop-USB Power Cord Included

Price: £25.99 - £22.99


Product description

Compatible with:

LenovoYoga 3 Pro, Yoga 3 Pro-1370 (Only for Core i7)

LenovoYoga 3 14, Yoga 3-1470 (Only for Core i5, i7)

LenovoYoga 900 (Yoga 4 pro)


LenovoYoga 700 11, Yoga 700 14 (Only for Core i3 i5)

Note: Notfit for Lenovo Yoga 700 14 ( for Core i7 ) Model


Outputvoltage: 20V

Outputcurrent: 3.25A

Outputpower: 65W

Inputvoltage: AC100-240V

DC Tip:special irregular USB port

Color: black


Package includes:

1x 20V3.25A 65W AC Laptop Adapter Power Supply Charger

1xUSBpower cord

HotTopStar 65W (compatible with 40W) universal Laptop power supply for Lenovo Yoga 4 Pro Lenovo Yoga 3; Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro; Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Yoga 3 14 Yoga 3-1470; Lenovo yoga 700; Lenovo Yoga 900; Lenovo Miix 700.
Connector size: USB (Please check photo carefully). 40W 65W Laptop Charger Adapter Replacement Traditional Computer Tablet Power Supply for Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga 3 Pro-1370 (Only for Core i7); Lenovo Yoga 3 14, Yoga 3-1470 (Only for Core i5, i7); Lenovo Yoga 900(Yoga pro 4); Lenovo Yoga 700 11, Yoga 700 14(Only for Core i3 i5) travel Power Cord.
AC Input: AC 100V – 240V 1.5A 50-60Hz DC Output: 20V–3.25A OR 5V–2A 65W; 65W USB Charge Compatible for Computer Lenovo Yoga 700-11isk, 700-11ISK 80QE ADL65WDA 5A10J40473 ADL65WDA 5A10G68690; ADL65WDJ 5A10G68691; ADL65WDB 5A10G68680; ADL65WDD 5A10G68683; ADL65WDG 5A10G68685; ADL65WDE 5A10G68687; ADL65WDC 5A10G68671; ADL65WDH 5A10G68673; ADL65WLA 5A10G68677; ADL65WLB 5A10G68672.
Slim, lightweight design, Simplifies storage. Can be slipped easily into a bag for simple transport
65W Portable Laptop Charger Compatible with Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK 80QD 900-13ISK 80MK Laptop; Lenovo ADL65WLC 5A10G68675; ADL65WLD 5A10G68679; ADL65WLE 5A10G68684; ADL65WLF 5A10G68670; ADL65WLG 5A10G68674; ADL65WLH 5A10G68678. 24 x 7 Email support, 30 days money back guarantee, 12 months warranty

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