RICOO Gas Spring Monitor Arm Vertical Stand Mount Tilt Swivel TS3011 Universal Flexible Gas Powered Bracket LED Curved QLED QE LCD OLED SUHD/ 13″ – 27″ Inch/VESA 75×75 100×100/ Silver

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Product description

Our Desk Mount for TFT / LCD and LED displays provides for all current monitor models with VESA standards a useful possibility for presentation. NOT COMPATIBLE with Apple monitor. Because of the tilt function, the TFT or LCD TV can be adapted to the perspective. Moreover the Desk Mount is swivelling. That means that the PC monitor is laterally turnable in two directions.
The installation on a desk edge as soon as on a desk hole is possible.
The complete appliance of the wall bracket is delivered pre-assembled and need only be screwed to the wall. The dowels and screws for the Mount are included. So you can begin immediately with the installation.
Please consider that the wall mount is not suitable for VESA hole patterns: 80x80mm.
Please verify before you buy, the compatibility of the wall bracket (distance exactly between the screws) with your TV.
This Wall Bracket for TV fits to following distance between screws:
Horizontal: 75mm, 100mm
Vertical: 75mm, 100mm
Only if your appliance supports the distance between the screws, this holder is suitable to the TV or rather monitor.
Please note: All diagonal indications in the product designation/description/packaging of the product are approximated indications for orientation!
A desk mount is not to adapt to a diagonal but rather so-called to the VESA standard (distance between screws).Full-Motion Smart-TV 4-K UHD Adjustable Mounting System 1920×1080 3840×2160 Pixel 60 75 120 144 Hz Full-HD 3-D Television Plasma Durable Rotation Gaming-PC Computer Riser TFT Touch-Screen Work-Station Panel Pivot Lift Hi-Fi Living-Room Office Cable-Tidy Management HD-MI Rotate
Extension Telescope Rack Attaching Frame Ultra-Slim Double Wide-Screen Holder Above On Top Riser Unit VESA Compliant Norms Standards Holes 75×75 100×100
Installation Articulating Turnable Pivoting Function Proper Heightening Platform Place Display-Mount Flat-Screen Device Diagonal Diameter 13″ 15″ 17″ 19″ 22″ 24″ 26″ 27″
Fixing Rotating Floating Cantilever Samsung/LG/Asus/BenQ/AOC/Acer/Dell/Eizo/HP/Iiyama/Lenovo/NEC/Philips/Hanns-G/Hannspree/Lilliput/Viewsonic/Elo/Sony/Panasonic/Sharp/Toshiba/Fujitsu/Seiki/E-Machines
Level Adjust-Ment Swiveling Rotate 180 Degrees when Display-Range max 81cm/ Tilt +90/-40 Degrees/ Front-Plate Turnable 360 Degrees/ /High Load Capacity Loadable min 6lbs max 20lbs

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