SEFFO Lap Desk Laptop Stand Portable Tray With Cushion, Built-In Mouse Pad And Phone Holder, Up To 17″

Price: £27.99 - £29.99


Product description

This Lap Desk provides the ultimate solution for those who love to use their laptop on the go, or even those who want freedom from their usual work space. This product allows you to utilize your laptop from wherever you want to. Whether you want to be with your family in the living room , lying down in bed or even relaxing in the garden, you now can, whilst maintaining comfort, style and safety! All of this in a super light, easy to carry lap desk.✅ SLEEK DESIGN – Finished in a stylish grey carbon fibre design, providing a modern look to match your laptop and contemporary furnishings.
✅ ULTRA COMFORT – Equipped with a slanted dual-bolster cushion, providing the perfect angle for your lap and that extra comfort that everybody needs!
✅ NO MORE HOT LAPS – A simple prevention to that dreaded feel of your laps burning allowing you to carry on with your tasks whilst maintaining comfort.
✅ EVERYDAY VERSATILITY – Fitted with a device holder, mouse pad and large desk space, giving you plenty of opportunity to use the area in whichever way you desire!
✅ EASY PORTABILITY – Lightweight desk alongside the built in handle makes it super easy to carry around!

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