SenseAGE Anti-Blue Light Privacy Screen Protectors Filter for monitor 22 inch 16:10(18.63″ x 11.64″ /473.3 x 295.6mm) for Sceptre/Samsung/HP/LG/Acer/ASUS/Dell/Benq/AOC/ViewSonic & PC

Price: £47.99


Product description

A reliable high quality privacy filter keeps your 22-inch Widescreen (473.3 x 295.6 mm); (18.63″ width 11.64″ height) to be used privately in public places without compromising screen clarity.
Design of 60° viewing angel provides you the eye comfort when you see the clear information on the display while people on either side of them see a darkened screen.

【Product Feature】

Privacy Protection
Keeps your personal or confidential information safe from prying eyes

Anti-reflective surface for enhanced viewing comfort


Extra Screen Protection
Protects display from dirt, debris and scratches

Image Clarity
Designed for optical clarity when viewing from the front

Quick and Easy Installation
Multiple attachment options make our filters easy to put on and take off as needed

Blue Light Cut
Blue light reduction

【Package Contents】

Privacy Filter x 1pc

Microfiber cloth x 1pc

Bezel Tabs x 1set

Reusable Adhesive Strips x 1set

Use the tape to stick and remove the dust from the Reusable Adhesive Stripe when it loses the adhesion after repeated use.


[PRIVACY SHIELD] User sees the information on the display clearly but people on either side see a darkened screen.
[ANTI-GLARE] Anti-reflective surface for enhanced viewing comfort and EYE PROTECTION.
[IMAGE CLARITY] 15%~20% Better Image Clarity than other brands when viewing from the front. Maintain your monitor the clearest use.
[3 OPTIONAL INSTALLATION METHODS] Choose the most suitable installation way for your convenient use.
[BLUE LIGHT CUT] Blue light reduction

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