Urbo Dikkert Ergonomic Monitor Arm with Flexible VESA Mount Full-Range Swiveling, Tilting, Rotating and Pivoting Movements and Reversible Clamp for Monitors up to 32 inches (81 cm)

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Product description

Ergonomic arm that moves completely in sync with you

Easy movement
The interface between you and Urbo® Dikkert is frictionless. Within a few seconds, you can:
✔ Set optimum height
✔ Tilt the screen to best viewing angle
✔ Rotate the screen from portrait to landscape (and anything in between)
✔ Pull the screen closer or push it away from you
✔ Swivel the screen from side to side as well.

This free-moving monitor mount arm allows you to set up your ergonomic computer desk exactly as per your specifications.

Health essential
is not just about the moving arm alone. It’s also about your health. Having a monitor in a fixed position means that YOU have to adjust and yet, run risks such as:
• Computer vision syndrome
• Back aches
• Painful neck muscles
• Forward head posture and so on.


But when your monitor can be adjusted, then you can get as comfortable as you want.

Urbo Model: UR-M13X1
Length: 22.8 inches (58 cm)
Height: 17.7 inches (45 cm)
Weight: 6.6 lb (3 kg)
Supports weight: Maximum- 17.6 lb (8 kg)
Supports monitor sizes: Between 15 & 32 inches (38 & 81 cm)

Rest easy with Urbo’s 1-year Worldwide Warranty (automatically extends to 2 years when warranty is activated online).✔ ERGONOMIC DESIGN HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE MONITOR ARM: Adjust, re-adjust and repeat as many times as you want in order to get the ideal view of your screen. Urbo® Dikkert supports healthy working pattern and keeps you free from lower back pain, neck pain, eye strain & other computer-work related issues. Helps as a posture corrector too.
✔ GAS SPRING POWER: Integrated gas spring mechanism gives you better control over the movements so you can make the finest of adjustments in order to get the JUST RIGHT view and height. Also counterbalances the weight of the monitor.
✔ FULLY ARTICULATED SCREEN RISER: Dikkert is much more than a monitor stand. Full-range monitor arm enables you to set height, distance, angle, tilt and axis of view. Makes it easy to share content with co-workers | shield your screen | move between sitting & standing positions when you work at a sit stand desk.
✔ CABLE MANAGEMENT: Built-in cable management system helps you keep clutter at bay. Why have a snarl of cables lying around when you can easily tuck them into the Dikkert! Declutter and enhance productivity when you work at your ergonomic workstation.
✔ QUICK-RELEASE VESA PLATE: Detachable VESA 75 / 100 plate makes it easy to attach and remove computer screen. It also affords 360-degree rotational viewing experience.

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