Urbo Dongen Desk Mounted Ergonomic VESA Mount Monitor Arm with Full Motion Height, Tilt, Rotate and Swivel + Dual Installation for up to 27 inch (68 cm) Screens in Offices and Work Spaces

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Product description

Why should your monitor be static when you are dynamic?

Work – health optimization

Ergonomic optimization of your work space is the only solution to:
✔ Getting more productive at work
✔ Enjoying better posture
✔ Staving off many digital-age related skeletal problems
✔ Reduction in muscle stress and
✔ Preventing eye strain as well.

A monitor arm such as the Urbo® Dongen helps put your monitor at a comfortable height so you do not have to deal with the physical stress of computer slump & in fact, get active posture support from your height adjustable monitor arm.

Work-space agnostic
Monitor arms are ideally suited for almost every desk including:
✔ Fixed desks
✔ Standing desks
✔ Sit-to-stand desks
✔ Treadmill desks

Dongen works with various kinds of offices too:
• Shared work-points
• Home offices
• Co-working spaces
• Meeting rooms and so on.

Great for:
Coders – place the screen vertically to scan multiple lines of code efficiently
Engineers – work standing up and looking down at your screen
Writers – sit back and tilt the screen downwards while chewing the back of your pen for inspiration
And almost anybody who wants an ergonomic space that can be adapted to their own needs.

Urbo Model: UR-M5X1
Length: 13.2 inches (33.5 cm)
Width: 4.6 inches (11.6 cm)
Height: 21.7 inches (55 cm)
Weight: 6.3 lb (2.87 kg)
Supports weight: Maximum- 17.6 lb (8 kg)
Supports monitor sizes: Between 13 & 27 inches (33 to 68.5 cm)

Rest easy with Urbo’s 1-year Worldwide Warranty (automatically extends to 2 years when warranty is activated online).✔ ERGONOMIC HEALTH ESSENTIAL: Urbo® Dongen moves to your command. This ergonomic work essential is ideal when you want to set your screen at the best height, best angle and best distance. Try out multiple combinations until you find one that suits you and prevents lower back pain, neck pain and even helps in posture correction.
✔ RANGE OF MOVEMENTS: Unlike a monitor stand that is fixed, the articulating Dongen monitor arm gives you an array of movements – height adjustments, rotating plate, swiveling and pivoting. This simply means that you can work sitting down or standing up. You can also angle your screen to avoid computer glare or enhance privacy.
✔ VESA COMPATIBILITY 75 / 100: The VESA mount or Flat Display Mounting Interface supports 360° rotatory view. Place your monitor confidently on the Dongen and get an instantly productive work space that harnesses powerful ergonomics for you.
✔ FLEXIBILITY OF INSTALLATION: C-Clamp or Grommet – it’s your choice. The C-clamp can be used to install the monitor arm on the edge of a table (thickness of 0.4 to 3.5 inches / 10 to 88 mm). Grommet helps with through-the-desk installation (desk thickness between 0.4 & 3 inches / 10 – 75 mm).
✔ DESIGN: Sturdy monitor mount is made of steel & aluminum. It helps clear up valuable desk space by lifting your monitor above & away from your work area. Has cable collect loops & a hex key holder to help keep your ergonomic workstation organized.

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