Urbo Gooyer Ergonomic Flexible Monitor Arm with Multi-Pivot VESA Plate and Reversible Clamp for 32-inch (81 cm) Screens in Offices and Work Spaces to Prevent Back Pain, Works with Sit Stand Desks

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Product description

Don’t get bent out of shape because of work – let a posture corrector help you

Right fit

One of the main principles in ISO 9241-5 is Fit. This pertains to the fit between user needs and task requirements. There is also the principle of versatility-flexibility which simply means that you should be able to execute a gamut of tasks at one workstation or desk.

Urbo®’s Gooyer delivers fit, flexibility and versatility by:
✔ Tilting through +90-degrees, -85 degrees
✔ Swiveling through +/- 180 degrees
✔ Rotating your screen 360 degrees
✔ Extending up to 22.4 inches (57 cm)


It’s like watching a robotic arm in motion.

Who benefits from Gooyer?
Virtually anybody who uses a monitor will benefit from a monitor arm. Whether you are a remote worker or an office-goer, a coder or an engineer – a monitor arm allows you to be ergonomically efficient. This means you also get to enjoy:
• Back pain relief
• Posture support even if you are sitting in an ergonomic office chair

Arrange your screen according to the content you are browsing. Rotate your screen to landscape mode for photographs and movies. Make it vertical for architectural images or writing code / to enhance focus on specific elements. Helps stave off a stiff neck annd eye strain.

Swivel and tilt your screen to combat glare. Or even to show some content to your co-worker.

Urbo Model: UR-M14X1
Height: 13.8 inches (35 cm)
Length: 22.4 inches (57 cm)
Weight: 6.4 lb (2.9 kg)
Supports weight: Maximum- 17.6 lb (8 kg)
Supports monitor sizes: Between 15 & 27 inches (38 cm & 68 cm)

Rest easy with Urbo’s 1-year Worldwide Warranty (automatically extends to 2 years when warranty is activated online)✔ HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & MOVABLE MONITOR STAND: The Urbo® Gooyer can move and how! It tilts, pivots, rotates, swivels and slides sideways. It can also be set at your preferred height. All of which gives you the ability to make it dance to your every command. Free-flowing design is driven by a gas spring which makes for very smooth operation.
✔ ENJOY AN ERGONOMIC COMPUTER DESK: Adjust the computer screen to suit you (and not the other way around), and enjoy a host of benefits such as pain-free posture, comfortably arced spine which prevents lower back pain, aligns neck muscles to eliminate neck pain and fosters relaxed shoulders.
✔ REVERSIBLE CLAMP INSTALLATION: L-shaped desks, standard desks, small desks, sit stand desks and more – Gooyer has a strong & sturdy base and can go around desks up to 3.1 inches (7.8 cm) thick. The L-shaped clamp can be reversed for extra space.
✔ VESA MONITOR MOUNT: Fit screens up to 17.6 lb (8 kg) on this monitor arm. The multi-rotating arm counter balances the weight of the monitor. The VESA 75/100 plate supports an agile work pattern comfortably.
✔ CABLE MANAGEMENT: Hide away your cables within the monitor arm and keep your work space free and decluttered. No more snags and snarls.

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