Webcam cover, 6 pack ultra slim stronger glue, protect your privacy online when using a laptop, tablet, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPad, PC and more. Easy to use, robust, sliding camera cover, in black.

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Product description

Why should you cover your webcam?
You don’t have to be a celebrity or politician for someone to hack your webcam and gaining unauthorised access to your digital camera is more common than you think. Our anti-hack webcam cover instantly blocks intruders preventing them from watching you at home or in the workplace.

Is it better than a webcam sticker or sticky note?
You could use camera stickers but while they’re a quick fix laptop stickers aren’t exactly chic and need replacing every time you use them. Our thin webcam cover provides a practical, elegant alternative. It’s durable and we use stronger glue to enhance the sticking power, ensuring the webcam protector won’t fall off through constant use. And with six covers in every pack you’ll have plenty to keep your digital devices safe from prying eyes/ spy software.

Won’t a webcam cover get in the way of my camera?
No. The beauty of this laptop webcam sliding cover is you to decide when you want to be seen, and by whom. If you want to video chat just flick open the privacy shield and close it again when you’re finished.

Is this a webcam cover for phones too?
Our camera cover for laptops provides total webcam cover privacy on a range of devices including Macbook Air, Dell and Samsung. The laptop camera cover does work with smartphones or mobiles but only on the front camera as the webcam cover slide has to be on a completely flat surface. And we can’t guarantee our iphone webcam cover will fit perfectly on them all. You’ll also need to take extra care when taking the webcam cover lens in and out of your pocket or bag so it doesn’t catch.


Simple solution to protecting your privacy — keeping you and your family safe online. It’s easy to install and use, just slide across with one finger to instantly open or close the camera slider.
New, improved, extra-strong glue — made from durable ABS plastic, the Theel webcam privacy cover uses high-quality 3M adhesive to ensure it stays on securely.
Super thin, stylish design — at just 0.7mm it’s so discreet you won’t even notice the Theel webcam cover your camera. And it means you can close your computer without the laptop webcam cover getting in the way.
Won’t damage your camera lens — and if for any reason you decide to remove the sliding webcam cover from your device it won’t leave any marks behind just wipe clean.
12-month guarantee — this only covers the web camera cover sold directly through us and not any unauthorized 3rd party sellers.

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